The Escapist Scarica

The Escapist Scarica The Escapist Scarica

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You want to break free but you're banged up and you need to escape! You're expected to work at one of several jobs during the day, exercise and showers are mandatory. There are multiple ways to break out and escape, you just need to find them.

The Escapists is tough game, just like jail. Can you dig a tunnel right under the walls of the prison?

Or even steal a guard uniform to blend in with your captors? Scarica l'ultima versione di The Escapists per Windows. Videogioco ambientato in un carcere dal quale si deve riuscire ad evadere, con visuale dall'alto.

Chi se lo ricorda Clint Eastwood che costrusce le sue zattere scalcinate in Fuga da Alcatraz? Scarica l'ultima versione di The Escapists: Riuscirai ad evadere dalla prigione. Download The Escapist Gratis In italiano.

Home Giochi Strategia The Escapists: Prison Escape. The Escapists: Prison Escape. for Android 0 Reviews 0 Posts. La descrizione di The Escapists: Prison Escape. The Escapists, youve done the crime but can you survive and do the time The Escapists is a unique prison escape sandbox game where you get to experience a life behind bars and barbed. The Escapists, youve done the crime but can you survive and do the time The Escapists is a unique prison escape sandbox game where you get to experience a life behind bars and barbed wire fences. Youve had a life of crime but now youre caught. With thrilling and immersive gameplay, you need to create an escape route in a world of other prisoners and ruled by routine(K). All that stands between you and your freedom is a perfectly executed escape plan. The Escapists provides players the opportunity of experiencing a light-hearted insight into everyday prison life with the main objective being that of breaking out.

Prenditi cinque minuti di tempo libero, dedicali alla lettura dei prossimi paragrafi e troverai tutte le indicazioni su come scaricare The Escapists per giocarci su. Escapiwt of Empires II Uno dei migliori giochi di strategia secapist tempo reale.

Materials purchased or borrowed from your fellow inmates are used to craft tools and other items like wires, a bottle of bleach, a piece of timber, gratus bar gratie chocolate, a plastic comb, and much more.