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The Top 100 Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts - Guestpost Blog.
A site on the low tier list means its likely not too difficult to write for, or will have a fairly low initial impact on your traffic and SEO, though this will vary from site to site. Start with these and work your way up. Ive foregone descriptions for most of these, as theres not a lot unique to say about them. Theyre all decent marketing blogs and the pages I link have their own processes and guidelines for you to read.
Write For Us GoForPost.
Digital Marketing: Write For Us. In order to do guest post submission on our digital marketing blog, follow the guest post guidelines.: Are you passionate about writing for digital marketing or something about social media or even blogging? If yes, you have landed to the right page. You may also choose any other relevant category from the Blog page of GoForPost or choose from the categories at the bottom of this page. This is one of the digital marketing blogs that accept guest posts.
Write For Us - Social Champ.
Also, there are tons of blogs on marketing out there so it wont be any problem to link out the reputable sources in your article. Articles with over-optimized anchors, promotional links, or inappropriate links to pages that dont feature informative content have a high tendency of being rejected. It would be great if you could include some examples of posts or articles youve written before. Its a great idea to approach us with a few ideas or just one, well-formed idea about what you want to write for us.
Write For Us Long Tail Pro.
Who should write for us? Of course if you are a Long Tail Pro user and have seen some amazing results using our software, wed love for you to share that with our audience through a guest post. But we also appreciate guest posters who can teach our audience of online marketers new and innovative online marketing strategies, that can be implemented in their businesses.
Guest posting - Write for us Futuramo Blog.
We do not accept articles that cover the obvious truth or answer to rhetorical questions like eg. Why computers are better in processing information than humans or Does marketing business need a website? Keep in mind that contributing to the Futuramo blog gives you a unique chance to help thousands of professionals who visit our website with their business challenges - focus on real problems and solutions and our community will pay you back with love and appreciation. Stay positive - skip offensive topics and negative comments on competitors, dont be too pushy and too promotional. We believe that following these rules helps us keeping our blog at valuable and reader-friendly level. Guidelines for submitting a post. These post requirements make our blog consistent and save writers time.: An article should be over 1000 words. Title shouldnt be longer than 55 characters. Content should be divided into paragraphs followed by subheadings and less than the maximum of 300 words. Try not to overlength the sentences and do not use passive voice too often. Create content for users, not for SEO.
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When it comes to engagement, if you are interested in submitting a sponsored article, please make sure you're' making this content engaging first before plugging your latest products or services. For more information and pricing, please get in touch with us here. Write For Us Legal Stuff Privacy Policy Earnings Disclaimer Cookies Policy.
Write for us! - GetResponse Blog.
Who we write for. Because GetResponse blog readers come from all walks of life all around the world, we like to create clear, compelling content. Most of our audience are marketers, or people familiar with the field. And our blog is a reputable library of information and insights where they can learn and share best practices. Keep this in mind when writing your post, and youll create valuable content seen by some of the worlds most credible marketing professionals. How to format your post. Follow our formatting guide, and proofread your post before sending it to us.

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