Ducati 696 Scarichi

Ducati 696 Scarichi Ducati 696 Scarichi

Although the is the entry door to Ducati's world, with a retail selling price in the neighborhood of 8,, it does not feel or look like a budget-priced special. On the contrary, it could be legitimately argued that the is one of the most beautiful Ducatis since the - and it is infinitely more attractive than the old Monster. Visit Ducati official website. All information about our different models of bikes, the racing in MotoGP and Superbike, and dealers. Page 1 Owner's manual DUCATI MONSTER Page 2 Use and maintenance manual Page 4 Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. cannot accept any liability We are sure that you will use your Ducati for longer journeys for errors that may have occurred in the preparation of this as well as short daily trips, but however you use your manual. Page 5: Table Of Contents Table of contents Front brake lever

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A comfortable and confidence-inspiring chassis combine with the famously smooth and powerful Ducati L-Twin engine to provide the most enjoyable riding experience. The balance of new technologies expressed in stylishly finished materials is shaped around the original cool Monster heritage. Maintaining its traditional Monster silhouette, the 696 now looks more muscular than ever.

Its wide tank tapers to the thin waistline of a comfortable narrow seat ensuring sure-footed confidence when at the traffic lights. The large diameter Hybrid Trellis frame blends stylishly into an aluminium sub-frame and swingarm while minimalist instrumentation and simple controls at the front of the Monster contrast with twin, bold, Ducati-style mufflers at the rear to enhance its urban-ready image. The chassis of the new Monster is made up of a new Hybrid Trellis frame with larger diameter tubes attached to a rear aluminium sub-frame.

The chassis is equally effective, with high-quality suspension offering a firm and sporting, but fine, ride quality, accurate and neutral steering and good low-speed balance.

It's a pity that the clutch's servo action makes it grabby when feeding in the drive gently, and the engagement point is a long way out in the lever's travel, which will be awkward for those with small hands. Both affect U-turn smoothness in particular, although the bike has a much tighter turning circle than old Monsters.

You get used to the clutch, and if that's the price for the light lever action then so be it, but it could be more novice-friendly. Gear selection is a touch heavy, as well. The quality and equipment levels are outstanding for this class.

The 1098-style dash shows everything from ambient temperature to fuel consumption to lap times.

The Monster range has always been synonymous with customization, its minimalist style lending itself perfectly to the customization and individual interpretation of every component. For this very reason, Ducati already has a wide range of accessories and special parts ready.

Ducati Monster , This is a Ducati Monster New Ducati plastics last week. It has had it valve adjustment a little early. New Termignoni exhaust ECU and air filter. 5 year extended warranty with 3 years left on it. This thing is slick the real deal. All service work Ducati Bellevue Ducati Scottsdale. Lo scarico Storm Gp Inox per DUCATI MONSTER assicura alla tua moto tutta la qualità Mivv e un sound unico. Scarico DUCATI MONSTER Storm Gp Inox DLXS - Storm Espandi il . The Ducati Monster model is a Naked bike bike manufactured by Ducati. In this version sold from year , the dry weight is kg ( pounds) and it is equiped with a V2, four-stroke motor. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of HP ( kW) RPM and a maximum torque of Nm ( kgf-m or ft.lbs).

Specifically for the Monster 696, they are designed to help owners make each and every bike even more unique and original. The Monster 696 dedicated website is a key link between Ducatisti around the world and the company in Bologna, Italy. Part of the light, flickable handling is due to the narrower 160 tire on the back rather than the 180 norm, paired with the usual 120 up front. Though it behaves like the taut shocks on a serious sports car on the freeway and jars you a bit, elsewhere the fork is just great.

Like the rear suspension it especially loves smooth, undulating pavement, but does well enough on old blacktop with lots of bumps at maintaining control. The Sachs single shock in back has progressive linkage and adjustable rebound damping once we got the inconvenient ring-and-locknut spring preload banged into place it worked well, too.

Braking is by first-rate Brembo clampers front and rear, with radial caliper mounting up front that looks purposeful. Feel at the front lever is strong and linear, but I have to sing the praises of the rear brake, which for once is neither wooden feeling at the pedal nor grabby, with good linear response over a decent travel range and enough power without locking easily.

Desmodue The engine of the Monster 696 is the legendary Desmodue, 696cc, air cooled, L-Twin engine whose 80hp gives it that unmistakable Ducati sound. Developed for an incredibly flexible power delivery, the 696 Desmodromic engine provides enough torque to exit the most challenging of corners. The impressive torque, typical of the Ducati L-Twin engines, will excite with every twist of the throttle. Lightweight Crankcases The new crankcases hug the gearbox internals much closer to create a smaller and more compact outer profile and achieve considerable weight savings over previous cases.

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Power and Torque Curves The Monster 696 produces 80hp 58,8kW 9,000rpm and 50,6lb-ft 7,0kgm of torque 7,750rpm Exhaust System Providing a deep and rich exhaust tone within current noise and emissions regulations is no mean feat, but the Monster 696 definitely provides the L-Twin sound famous of Ducati. Its bold, high-level twin mufflers also make a striking style statement. The exhaust system on the 696 has one Lambda probe dedicated to each cylinder, enabling precise fuelling for a smoother power delivery as well as complying with current emission regulations.

Chassis Monster Trellis An immensely strong but light tubular steel Trellis frame with aluminium rear sub-frame is the visual and structural backbone of the Monster. Delivering unparalleled rigidity with minimal mass, the chassis design is pure Ducati in its ingenuity and simplicity.

2013 Ducati Monster 696 20th Anniversary Top Speed

Remove this, the front fender and rear seat cowl, and you can have an instant bike change. In fact, as we speak, Ducati is planning a range of accessories, including chrome bodywork, just so that owners can individualize their bikes.

Almost, but not all, of the bike gives an impression of quality. The trellis frame remains and this is bolted to an aluminum subframe from which the double-sided swingarm hangs.

More of its performance in a moment but in terms of aesthetics it looks wonderful. More good things come in the form of the Showa upside down fork, rear shock and Brembo radial calipers.

Stand back from the 696 and it's a bike you can enjoy. There is no impression that Ducati has not given its all to this machine and it shows.

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However, the 696 is not perfect. Bizarrely, the front brake lever is not adjustable and the reach, even for a full-size male like me, is far too long.

Clearly, with twin 320mm discs, and four-pad radial calipers, the front brakes work fine but all the pleasure of having that power there for the asking is hidden. There were so many complaints at the launch that the word from the Ducati technicians is that fully adjustable front brake levers will soon find their way onto production bikes. The other major design failure is the shields on the exhausts. The twin exhausts look gorgeous and somehow, despite legislation, sound well too.

Ducati Monster 696 Specs

However, the pillion passenger's legs are protected by two tiny covers which simply do not work. If you have sold the idea of buying a Monster to your loved one so that you can both go for a ride into the mountains on a sunny Sunday, then get ready for the divorce letter from her lawyer because the shield fails to the point of being dangerous.

It needs fixing now before the lawsuits start - it's that bad.

What might save the divorce is an offer to buy your loved one her own Ducati Monster. With a 30-inch saddle height and a claimed dry weight of only 355 lbs, the 696 is very manageable.

Scarichi moto Zard Made in Italy Via Nazionale, 11 Baldichieri dAsti (AT) TELFAX 39 65 92 39 SCARICO COMPLETO ARTIGIANALE BY VIREX PER DUCATI MONSTER scarichi by virex exhaustViews: 1,7K. Lo scarico Storm Gp Inox Nero per DUCATI MONSTER assicura alla tua moto tutta la qualità Mivv e un sound unico. Scarico DUCATI MONSTER Storm Gp Inox Nero DLXSB - Storm Espandi il menù.

Ducati has also taken care to make the tank very narrow and female colleagues on the launch pronounced it very comfortable. Equally, at 5' 11", there was plenty of room for me without any sense of being cramped. But now to the heart of the bike - that wonderful 696cc V-Twin. In some ways, this was the most difficult part of Ducati's job.